Railway Concession
  • General Rules For Concession

The detailed rules, procedures, entitlement, purposes, etc for grant of concession are contained under different serial numbers in IRCA Coaching Tariff, Part I (Vol. II) which can be purchased from the General Secretary, I.R.C.A., Chelmsford Road, New Delhi. For any complaints or clarifications, the General Manager or the Chief Commercial Superintendent of the concerned Zonal Railway Administration should be approached. The important general rules for concession, in reference to the above mentioned Tariff, are as under:

1. (a). All concessional fares shall be calculated on the basis of fares for Mail/Express trains irrespective of the type of train, i.e. Mail or Express or Passenger, by which the passenger travels.

(b) Concession shall not be granted for any journey the cost of which is borne by the Central or State Government or a local authority or a Statutory body or a Corporation or a Government Undertaking or a University.
However, the students participating in the tournaments held or recognized by the schools or universities will be eligible to the concession.

(c) Concession shall be admissible only in respect of basic fares. No concession is admissible in respect of other charges, viz. super fast surcharge, reservation fee, etc. However, in cases where concession has been allowed in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi trains, the concession shall be admissible in the total charges (including catering) of these trains.

Ministry of Railways have decided that “concession wherever admissible and child fare in the case of rajdhani/shatabdi/jan shatabdi/duronto express trains may be granted only in the basic fare like other mail/express trains and all other charges (catering charges, reservation charges, supplementary charges like superfast surcharge, enhanced reservation charges, taxes (if any) shall be collected in full” these changes will come into force for tickets purchased for the journey from 01-04-2013. (vide railway board circular no.tcii/2941/11/policy dated 26.10.2012)

(d) The concessions will be admissible subject to the minimum distance of 300 Kms, except in the case of students,

2. Only one type of concession is admissible at a time at the choice of passenger and no person is allowed two or more concessions simultaneously.

3. (a) Break of journey en-route shall not be allowed on a concession ticket for a journey for a specific purpose viz. a student traveling to/from an examination Centre,

(b) Passengers breaking their journey are required to have their ticket endorsed from the Station Master where journey is broken.

(c) Passengers terminating journey en route, must surrender their ticket at the station where the journey is terminated. Refund for the untravelled portion on such tickets will not be allowed.


Railway Concession


Students going to hometown and educational tours : –

— General Category

— SC/ST Category

— Girls upto Graduation and boys upto 12th standard (including students of Madrasa) between home & school (MST)

— 50% in 2nd and SL class
— 50% in MST and QST– 75% in 2nd and SL class
— 75% in MST and QST– Free second class MST


Concession to students appearing in main written examination conducted by UPSC & Central Staff Selection Commissions

— 50% in 2nd class


Foreign students studying in India – traveling to attend camps/seminars organised by Govt. of India and also visit to places of historical & other importance during vacations.

— 50% in 2nd and SL class


Students and non-students participating in Work Camps

— 25% in 2nd and SL class