Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Netaji Nagar Day College was established to fulfill the needs of a higher educational institution within the reach of young learners hailing from families displaced from their roots in erstwhile East Pakistan. The vision of the College is to be a leading college in Kolkata, providing a well-resourced, strongly academic, holistic education in such a way that it will create an environment “where the mind is without fear, the head is held high and knowledge is free”. The mission is to provide equal opportunity of access to all. In conformity to its vision, mission and priority of providing maximum access to students from economically less privileged sections, the College charges minimal Fees from its students, till today. The students, who cannot afford to pay the Fees, are provided Fees concession/full waiver, on merit-cum-means basis. Outstanding players/athletes who represent the College in various tournaments are also granted fee waiver, throughout their period of study in the College. The College makes concerted efforts to forward the applications of students to appropriate government agencies so that they may avail the National Scholarship/ Swami Vivekananda Merit –cum-Means Scholarship (SVMCM)/ SC/ST/ Minority Scholarship. All girl students, who are between18 and19 years of age and unmarried, are encouraged to apply for financial grant under the Kanyashree Prakalpa of Govt. of West Bengal. The minimal fees charged by the College, the Fees waiver granted to students on merit-cum-means basis, together with the efforts made by the College to ascertain the award of scholarships and financial grant to students from Govt. agencies, has resulted in transforming the founders’ dream of establishing a seat of higher learning within the reach of the economically less privileged, into reality.

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Any educational institution will provide education and pedagogical support to its students. Where Netaji Nagar Day College differs from other educational institutions is that it aspires to make its students progress in the spheres of culture, sports and education related programmes beyond the mundane classroom teaching as well. The objective is to encourage and engrave on the hearts of students the power of knowledge, values and social responsibility and help them accomplish high quality in various fields, thereby also preparing them to become future ideal citizens and to face challenges. The College always inspires the students in the pursuit of knowledge, values, and social responsibility for their holistic development. The student centric activities undertaken by the College leading to holistic development of the students has four components, namely, the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development.

Intellectual development of the young learners is sought to be ensured through well planned and effective teaching -learning blended with the latest pedagogical approaches, for the University stipulated curriculum. Teachers always make efforts to identify the individual needs of their students. The College endeavors to provide enough exposure to its students by organizing invited lectures by experts, seminars and workshops, debates, etc. Teachers as mentors identify the slow and advanced learners and adopt appropriate measures for their intellectual development. The Annual Exhibition organized by the College every year since 2015, the participation of the students in inter college competition, technical fests and model exhibitions organized by the Govt. and/or other institutions are instrumental in developing innovative ideas among the students and fostering intellectual development.

Social development of the students is sought to be promoted through the extension/outreach activities undertaken and by organizing social awareness programmes at regular intervals. The students are sensitized about the diverse social structure and social issues, particularly of the neighboring areas, through the NSS units of the College. Special NSS Camp is held every year especially for the underprivileged children of the neighboring Khanpur slum. The students actively participate in activities of spreading social awareness about mental health, women health, screening for Thalassemia, health of elders, prevention of Dengue, as well as about the ill effects of Tobacco addiction, use of Plastic, etc.  Blood Donation camp is organized in the College every year where the students voluntarily donate blood. During the COVID 19 pandemic, the students arranged for oxygen cylinders and supplied them free of cost to the doorsteps of the patients of neighbouring areas.

Activities Spreading Social Awareness

1. Health Awareness

2. Blood Donation Camp2018 | 2019 | 2021 | 2022


Supply of Oxygen Cylinder,Quilt,Food During The Pandemic Situation

Physical development of the young learners is of utmost priority to the institution. The College promotes physical activities among the students to cultivate abilities such as physical fitness, team spirit, self-confidence, etc. The College organizes Annual Sports and inter-class cricket and football tournaments in every academic session. Common Room Games is another annual event in which boys and girls participate enthusiastically in Carrom, Chess and Table Tennis competitions. The College has excelled in sports and games which are evident from the outstanding performances of the students at the Inter-Collegiate Games & Athletic Championship organized by Higher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal, and in the Inter-College Football Championship organized by the University of Calcutta. The College football team also emerged as East Zone champion in the Reliance Cup Football tournament for Colleges. In recent years, the College has also arranged for training in Yoga for the students, free of cost. It has been a constant endeavour on the part of the institution to equip its young learners with life skills.


Physical Development through Sports

Physical Fitness awareness through Yoga Class

Mental and Emotional development of the students is taken care of mainly through the system of mentoring. Teachers as mentors are in personal contact with their mentees. Students do not hesitate to share personal problems as well as with their mentors who guide them according to their needs. Psychological counseling by experts is also provided free of cost to the students as and when required. Seminars are arranged on mental health issues for sensitizing the students about this emerging problem among the youth in recent times.


Workshop on Personal Development and Inner Growth

It is very rewarding for the institution when the young learners mature into intellectually competent, morally upright, spiritually inspired and socially committed individuals as a result of the concerted institutional efforts for their holistic development. Our dear students are found to work relentlessly while discharging their responsibilities on passing out of this institution and leave footprints of their own wherever they go.